How an Oil & Gas Company Created its ESG Story

Client Overview

HRM Resources III, LLC (HRM) is an oil and gas exploration and production company operating in Colorado and Wyoming backed by private equity. HRM strives for an open, accountable and transparent approach to stakeholder engagement.

HRM has numerous environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices and programs in place, but there was a gap in communicating those measurements. With its investors playing a key role in HRM’s business success, it was time to bring their ESG story to life.

Owning a Narrative

Knowing that HRM had a wealth of ESG messaging to share, Impacto helped determine that a public relations strategy was the most effective way to do so. This would allow HRM to connect with its stakeholders interested in learning more about the company, and particularly its commitment to ESG principles. For HRM, transparency with regulators, the public, media, elected officials, and industry groups was an important step to show its commitment to sustainability.

The Approach

Despite having implemented ESG initiatives for many years, HRM hadn’t leveraged its programs in order to tell its ESG story. Impacto provided expert guidance on how to reveal the stories of the many initiatives HRM already had in place. Together, we identified the robust ESG work happening in every aspect of HRM’s daily operations:

  • Environmental

  • Measurable emission reduction

  • Comprehensive land restoration

  • Safe equipment removal & well sealing

  • Regulatory agency reputation & cooperation

  • Industry collaboration

  • Social

  • Extensive charitable giving

  • Positive workplace culture

  • Valuing human capital/employees

  • Supporting DEI

  • Governance

  • Collaborative stakeholder engagement

  • Outlining governance values

  • Innovative cybersecurity

  • Focus on risk mitigation

Expert Guidance & Collaboration

The rollover of HRM’s existing website to the new website was seamless and on-time. Close collaboration with HRM, access to data, and staff support in acquiring information and third party quotes were key to the project’s success. Because the website was also scheduled to launch in tandem with the announcement of a new industry partnership, the process was expedited and the new website delivered in less than six weeks. Impacto helped craft internal and external communications to highlight and celebrate the launch. Understanding that websites with fresh content rise to the top of search results pages, Impacto continues to manage, monitor and update the website.

Results That Speak for Themselves

Impacto provides the strategic guidance we need to bring our stories to life, which is imperative for oil and gas companies operating today. Partnering with a minority owned business--and one with expertise in our industry--helps us bring more voices and perspectives to the table, and aligns with our ESG initiatives. -Roger Hutson, HRM President & CEO

HRM saw the need for and value in migrating from a website focused mainly on providing operational information to a secure, innovative design with a strong ESG focus. The company’s authenticity is reflected through captivating images of the landscape, wildlife and HRM employees captured in the field.

The company has a great story to tell, and now the world has the opportunity to hear it.

Oil and gas companies have ripe opportunities to own the narratives of their unique ESG programs through proactive, strategic, transparent communications. It has never been more important for visionary oil and gas companies to make their ESG work known and to find opportunities to enhance it further. It makes good business sense, and it’s essential for oil and gas companies to remain sustainable in the coming decades.