Community Relations

Building Bridges

A comprehensive community relations program is critical to a successful business operation. Understanding the distinctive concerns and needs of a community builds knowledge, drives action and enhances reputation.

By leveraging our longstanding relationships, Impacto builds strong bridges with diverse stakeholders and organizations to successfully connect you to the communities where you operate. Developing community partnerships is essential to protecting your company's investment, enhancing stakeholder relations and ensuring the future success of your business.

Businesses that prioritize community relations organically support ESG initiatives, including:

  • Keeping workers and communities safe
  • Protecting the environment
  • Promoting local economic growth and development
  • Improving social conditions through social investment
  • Being open and transparent

Benefits of a community relations program

  • High visibility in operating communities as a respected company
  • Support from the community, state government officials, and relevant thought leaders
  • Bringing ESG initiatives to life
  • Strengthening and growing local economies
  • Enhanced company culture through social investment and employee engagement
  • Diverse talent attraction and retention

After learning about the unique concerns of your community, Impacto works closely with you to develop long-term engagement strategies with local organizations, elected officials, and regulatory bodies to enable effective and harmonious community partnerships.

It is our commitment to build bridges for you by showing up, listening, and investing time in establishing relationships within diverse, inclusive environments. Impacto specializes in communicating your unique story to your community (audience) while simultaneously elevating your reputation and preserving your social license to operate.

We build long-lasting partnerships through transparency, honest communication, and collaboration.

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