Robert Sato

Denver, CO

Full Stack Engineer

As a Full Stack Developer for Impacto’s Litico SaaS platform, Robert brings a valuable combination of expertise in mathematics, finance, and economics to his role, transforming ideas into usable software optimized for business operations.

Robert is well versed in iteratively developing software, deploying serverless algorithms and applications, and creating technical documentation to ensure seamless integration and functionality.

Prior to joining Impacto, Robert developed process improvement solutions for the financial services industry, including revamping procedures to improve operational efficiencies, for which he was recognized with an annual outstanding service and contribution award. Robert's ability to understand the underlying economics of critical infrastructure industries, coupled with proficiency in full-stack development, enhances the scope, capabilities, and client benefits of Litico.

Robert holds a B.A. in Economics and minor in Mathematics from Metropolitan State University of Denver.